Sail British Virgin Islands Sailing Itinerary

Explore the Caribbean on a British Virgin Islands sailing adventure. Sail, snorkel, laze on idyllic beaches and cruise on the high seas of the BVI with the help of a local guide.

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Day 1 Norman Island

Settle into this British Virgin Island sailing tour with a snorkel around The Caves. Dive through caverns and grottoes to spot octopuses, stingrays and maybe even a pod of dolphins! Afterwards, jump ship to The Willy-T, where the Caribbean rum flows fast and the reggae jams pump through the night.

Day 2 Peter Island, Salt Island and Cooper Island

It’s time to set sail! Snorkel in Dead Man's Bay and swim with the sea turtles. Then head to Salt Island in search of the HMS Rhone, the most perfectly preserved shipwreck in the Caribbean. Anchor at Cooper Island and sip rum punch at the Cooper Island Beach Club among the fragrant frangipanis.

Day 3 Virgin Gorda, The Baths and Gorda Sound

Named ‘The Fat Virgin’ due to its undulating, curvaceous rock formations, The Baths are a top tourist destination on British Virgin Islands sailing trips. Situated 2 km off the coast, explore the dark caverns and rocky boulders of this peculiar geological creation. Richard Branson thought it was so awesome he bought his own island right off the Gorda.

Day 4 Gorda Sound, Beef Island and Marina Cay

Another day, another island paradise. Spend a day marooned on a deserted island, snorkelling in lush marine seabeds or just soaking up the surroundings of this popular pirate hangout.

Day 5 Jost Van Dyke

Hike into the sunset or reacquaint yourself with a beach hammock, this is the place for some serious R&R. To sum it up, “Live de life, drink de beer!” says Foxy, owner of the most famous restaurant (and unofficial party king) of Jost Van Dyke.

Day 6 Sandy Spit, Green Cay and Soper’s Hole

Blackbeard found it first, but celebrities and tourists alike have been flocking to this band of islands like pirates to treasure. There is more great snorkelling and beach lounging to be had before an afternoon sail to Soper’s Hole in Tortola. If the time is right, party full-moon style and, with a little liquid courage in tow, master the rhythm of reggae.

Day 7 Tortola

Return to the charter base at Tortola, where this fun-filled, sun-blessed adventure on the high seas draws to an end.