Buenos Aires to Rio

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  • 2012-01-01 - 2014-12-31

See Argentina's attractions and the incredible places to visit in Brazil

Seek out adventure on a tantalising trip through Brazil and Argentina. Enjoy the wood-grilled parillas in Buenos Aires or while away the night in one of Buenos Aires' sultry tango clubs. See the jaw-dropping power of Brazil's Iguazu Falls and the vastness of the Pantanal wetlands along the way. Meet up with Cariocas for caipirinhas in Rio de Janeiro and revel in the raucous atmosphere of this captivating city. Explore the most exotic places to visit in Brazil, pass through small historic towns and spend time discovering the best of Argentina's attractions. Tap your foot to the beat of the tango in Argentina before swinging those hips to the sway of the samba in Brazil. This feisty South American tour is an irresistible way to become submerged in the energies of Brazil and Argentina.

  • Dance the tango in sophisticated Buenos Aires
  • Marvel at the mighty Falls of Iguazu
  • Peruse the ruins of San Ignacio Mini
  • Snorkel with colourful fish at Bonito
  • Spot a wealth of wildlife in the Panatal wetlands
  • Stroll Paraty's colonial cobblestone streets
  • Experience the rhythm and colour of Rio de Janeiro

Buenos Aires to Rio Summary

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Days 1-2 Buenos Aires

Cosmopolitan, cultured and chic, Buenos Aires has European sensibilities with a fiery Latin heart. Discover colonial architecture, funky neighbourhoods, exceptional cuisine and a thriving nightlife.

Day 3 Concordia

Sitting on the Uruguay River opposite the Uruguayan city of Salto, Concordia is Argentina's centre of citrus growing and a peaceful place to relax waterside.

Day 4 San Ignacio Mini

Founded in 1632 and now well-preserved ruins, San Ignacio Mini is an old Jesuit mission that was destroyed in 1817 and rediscovered amongst the jungle the late 1800s.

Days 5-7 Iguazu Falls

An Argentinian town close to the breathtaking Iguazu Falls, Puerto Iguazu is a relaxed, friendly place to rest after a day enjoying the splendour of the falls.

Days 8-10 Bonito

Beautiful by name, beautiful by nature, Bonito is a small town set amongst a gorgeous landscape of emerald jungle and glassy, blue rivers simply teeming with life.

Days 11-13 Pantanal

The Pantanal is the largest wetlands in the world and is home to thousands of species of animals and plants, and its 210,00 sq km spreads through Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia.

Day 14 Brotas

A tiny place that has a big name for eco-tourism, Brotas offers hiking, kayaking, rafting and other sports in a pristine jungle environment.

Days 15-17 Paraty

Step back in time in gorgeous Paraty, where Portuguese colonial buildings, cobblestone streets and horse and cart are set against a verdant backdrop of misty hills.

Days 18-19 Rio de Janeiro

Bigger than life and beautiful to boot, Rio de Janeiro sits resplendent among mountains, rainforest and sea, and emits an energy that is irresistible to everyone who visits.