If continents could speak, Europe would have a lot to say; this is the place that has witnessed more human cultural evolution than anywhere else on earth. Europe’s story is tangible in every worn-down cobblestone, visible in its centuries-old artworks, and taste-able in the traditional feasts cooked up from recipes handed down through generations. A holiday in Europe is like stepping back in time to witness the architecture, art and traditions of times gone by, where romance emanates from the buildings themselves, and where the sun-soaked beaches will transport you to your own European paradise.

Top reviews on Europe holidays

One of the toughest things about choosing your holiday in Europe is deciding where to go. With such a variety of cultures, cuisines and landscapes to explore, it can be hard to narrow down. So take a look at our Europe holiday reviews below – written by travellers who have already experienced the delights of Europe with Intrepid, the top reviews of Europe holidays will help you decide which trip is best for you.

Russia Highlights, May 2017

Paul Stanosz

Real Food Adventure - Italy, May 2017

Gary Kok Chiu Hor

Explore Croatia, April 2017

Darby Graham

Best of Spain, April 2017

Virginia Bartlett

Budapest & the Balkans, May 2017

Neela Jain

Cycle Tuscany, May 2017

Bonnie Miller

Explore Croatia, April 2017

Vicki Poole

Turkey Encompassed, May 2017

Olivia Makmur

Croatia Sailing Adventure - Dubrovnik to Split, May 2017

Leanne O'Grady

Beijing to Moscow, April 2017

Grace Cummings

Madrid to Marrakech, May 2017

Orya Golgowsky

Cycle Tuscany, April 2017

Jane Horton


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