Small Intrepid groupOur small group tours are a world away from what you might expect from group travel. For a start, our average group size is just 10 people. With such a small bunch, we can dart between the tourist crowds and visit hidden sites not accessible to larger groups, or stay on remote islands with only a handful of cabins.

Being small also allows our groups to be a bit out of the ordinary - moving around at grassroots level and stumbling across all kinds of unscripted experiences. That's the beauty of Intrepid's travel style - as new adventures crop up you can follow your own instincts and not be bound to an unyielding itinerary.

We also get to hang out with the locals. And not just meeting them on the street as they try to sell you their wares, but getting involved by making up numbers in a street fusbal team or helping to prepare meals for community festivities. And while there's bound to be customs you're unfamiliar with, languages you don't understand and meals you never thought you'd be brave enough to try - the laughs you'll share with new local friends will make it all worthwhile.