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15 Days From $1,440

Travel to Morocco and visit the best of the country's attractions from Casablanca to...

10 Days From $1,120

From the colourful, chaotic Marrakech medinas to the moody Sahara desert landscape,...

9 Days From $1,035

Immerse yourself in the exotic colours and cultures that define Morocco. From the...

8 Days From $775

Imagine a country with the charisma of Europe, the passion of Africa and the charm of...

13 Days From $1,875

Morocco’s culture is tightly intertwined. A blur of national identity and religion,...


May 11, 2016

Introducing our brand new Expedition trips for...

After months of planning, arguing, drinking and pondering, we've come up with the...

Mar 06, 2016

Underbelly: why snake charming in Morocco isn’t...

Along with mint tea, souks and tagines, snake charming was to me quintessentially...

Mar 04, 2016

4 European countries where the US travel dollar...

One thing Europe hasn’t always had the best rep for: being a cheap vacation...

Feb 14, 2016

10 global dishes that are definitely outside...

Farewell, comfort zone. It was nice knowing you.

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