Tromso, Bear Island and Spitsbergen (Ocean Nova ) 2015 Itinerary

Set sail from Norway and discover the history, landscapes, icebergs and wildlife of Spitsbergen. Travel along fjords, witness glaciers, encounter wildlife and be enchanted by this Arctic wonderland.

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Reindeer in Tromso

Arctic Fox

Ocean Nova

Arctic Seal

Day 1 Tromso

Board the ship in the afternoon, meet your fellow passengers and get ready for the upcoming adventure.
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Day 2 Hammerfest

Get the first taste of how stunning the seascapes in this part of the world are. Enjoy the eclectic nature of Norway’s oldest town.
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Day 3 Porsangerfjorden/Nordkapp

Be awed by a trip up the spectacular Porsangerfjorden. See what local life is like at a local settlement before returning to the ship and cruising past towering Nordkapp.
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Day 4 Bear Island

The name should be ‘Bird Island’, as that’s what you’ll see on this rarely visited island – in their tens of thousands. There are also well-preserved ruins of a whaling and coal station worth exploring.
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Days 5-11 Exploring Spitsbergen

Cruise along fjords, skirt coastlines, check out glaciers and glide through water; there is some seriously staggering scenery and lots of wildlife in Spitsbergen. There’s a good chance of seeing polar bears, and the area is also home to walrus, seals, Arctic foxes, Svalbard reindeer, whales, dolphins and myriad birdlife. There’s no set itinerary – where we sail will depend on the weather and where the wildlife are most abundant. And if weather conditions are good, there’s also the opportunity to go kayaking and snowshoeing.
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Day 12 Longyearbyen

This extraordinary polar trip wraps up today in Longyearbyen.