Scotland to Norway (Ocean Nova) 2015 Itinerary

This cruise into the compelling realms of northern Scotland and Norway has a nice balance of time spent on land with time at sea. For glaciers, wildlife, startling scenery and charming, remote villages, this is an epic Arctic adventure.

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Svartisen Glacier

Nyksund, Norway

Sami with reindeer, Tromso, Norway

Day 1 Embarkation Aberdeen

Leave the mainland behind this afternoon and get used to life on board while heading towards the Scottish Isles.
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Day 2 Kirkwall

The intriguing islands of Orkney are today’s treat. With a history spanning over 8,000 years, these islands have some incredible sights to discover.
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Day 3 Fair Isle

Ornithology alert! The windswept Fair Isle is a haven for rare birds. It’s also a haven for artists and a great place to buy beautiful knitwear. Learn how life is lived on such a remote island and visit towers dating back to the Iron Age.
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Day 4 Lerwick

Spend time in the island’s capital, Lerwick, then be transported back in time at archaeological sites dating back to prehistoric Norse times. Then farewell Scotland and head across the North Sea towards Norway.
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Day 5 Bergen

Disembark in Bergen and take a tour of this colourful waterfront city. The surrounding fjords and mountains make this a beautiful city to explore, and there is a lot to discover both culturally and geographically.
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Day 6 Alesund

Another delightful town greets us today. Take a wander around the city centre and head up Mt Aksla for an unparalleled view of the town.
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Day 7 Geiranger Fjord

Be awed by this World Heritage-listed fjord and the cascading Seven Sisters waterfall. Visit Geiranger town, taking the opportunity to go hiking for more gorgeous views.
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Day 8 Trondheim

Those who are history buffs will love exploring Trondheim, with its cute shops, wooden buildings and twelfth-century cathedral. Then sail for the old Viking stronghold of Munkholem Island, which has a gruesome but enthralling past.
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Day 9 Vega Island

It’s time for bird lovers to get the binoculars ready – Vega Island is the ultimate haven for birdlife. For the not so bird-inclined, explore the striking landscapes and quaint fishing villages, which have eked a living raising eider ducks for eiderdown.
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Day 10 Alstahaug

Cruise alongside the Seven Sisters mountain range on the way to charming Alstahaug.
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Day 11 Svartisen/Vikingen

Get up close to the impressive Svartisen glacier. Then celebrate the crossing of the Arctic Circle, something few people do.
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Day 12 Lofoten Islands

Hike in some of the world’s most pristine landscapes. Hopefully we’ll see whales on the approach to Lofoten. If weather and time permits, visit the 3000-year-old cave paintings in Refsvikhula Cave and the beautiful village of Reine.
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Day 13 Bleiksoya/Nyksund

Take Zodiacs to visit the abundant bird population of Bleiksoya. Then visit the artists’ colony of Nyksund later in the day.
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Day 14 Disembarkation Tromso

Unfortunately it’s time to say goodbye to life on the water and head for home. Or perhaps stick around for a few extra days to get to know Norway’s lively northern city.