Northwest Passage - Westbound (Sea Adventurer) 2015 Itinerary

Get a dose of Arctic culture and see how people have survived these beautiful ice-strewn landscapes on this polar adventure from Greenland to Canada via Baffin Bay, Beechey Island, Bellot Strait and King William Island.

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Colourful houses, Greenland

Walrus, Greenland

Polar Bear

Day 1 Copenhagen

Begin this adventure in the wonderful city of Copenhagen. It’s a very easy city to navigate, so don’t be afraid to explore its treasures before the welcome meeting this evening.

Day 2 Kangerlussuaq

Catch a flight to Kangerlaussuaq and settle aboard the ship.

Day 3 Itilleqand Sisimiut

Get used to life at sea on the way to the charming village of Itelleq; its colourful houses make a photogenic sight. See how kayaking is done the traditional way and spend time in the historical town of Sisimuit.

Day 4 Ilulissat

The glacier and icebergs of Ilulissat are breathtaking to witness – listen for creaking sounds and be ready to witness the glacier’s dramatic calving off into the sea. Get a closer look via a boardwalk or even splurge on a ride in a helicopter – you won’t be disappointed! There might even be time to try a local brew at the pub or see what local crafts are on offer.

Day 5 EqipSermia

Visit the fascinating village of Saqqaq, which has a rich culture and history. Then relax on board as the ship takes you around the remarkable glacier, Eqip Sermia.

Day 6 Uummannaq

Admire the sight of delightful Uummannaq and its heart-shaped mountain.

Day 7 Baffin Bay

Sail through this beautiful stretch of water towards Canada; it’s a great place to spot icebergs, seabirds and whales.

Day 8 Pond Inlet, Nunavut, Canada

Welcome to the Canadian Arctic! Visit the town of Pond Inlet, discovering a wealth of artistic talent and taking a hike on the picturesque tundra.

Day 9 Devon Island

It’s an active day with hiking and Zodiac trips on the cards. Visit a Thule site and abandoned mounted police depot, and keep an eye out for walrus and musk ox at Dundas Harbour.

Day 10 Beechey Island

Learn about Sir John Franklin’s ill-fate expedition to find the Northwest Passage.

Day 11 Somerset Island

Discover a bounty of wildlife on Somerset Island – from caribou and musk ox to thousands of bird. Once home to the Thule people and later used as a trading post, it is now uninhabited.

Day 12 Fort Ross and Bellot Strait

Discover the former trading post of the Hudson’s Bay Company, which has a fascinating history. Pass through Zenith Point, the northernmost area of the continental land mass.

Day 13 Victory Point

Apart from skeletons, the only evidence of John Franklin’s ill-fated 1845 expedition to find the Northwest Passage was a note found at Victory Point.

Day 14 King William Island

Explore this historic island and, depending on conditions, visit the small community of Gjoa Haven.

Day 15 Coronation Gulfand Cambridge Bay

Rug up and head ashore to hike, take to Zodiacs to seek out wildlife and discover some historic sites, weather permitting. Then meet the community of Iqaluktuuiaq (Cambridge Bay) and enjoy getting to know the culture of the area.

Day 16 Bathurst Inlet

Head to shore and take a hike along the picturesque tundra on this lush inlet. Hopefully you’ll get to spot polar bears, grizzlies and the polar version of the liger.

Days 17-18 Amundsen Gulf

Learn more about this history-laden area from onboard experts. Soak up the peaceful, captivating atmosphere out on deck or from the warmth of the cosy bar.

Day 19 Kugluktuk (Coppermine)

It’s time to leave the ship on arrival in Kugluktuk. Have a look around town before catching the flight to Edmonton.

Day 20 Edmonton

Spend some free time exploring the surprising city of Edmonton before this unforgettable adventure ends.