Greenland to Churchill Reverse Itinerary

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Penguins, Greenland

Polar bear, Greenland

Day 1 Arrive Toronto

Arrive in Toronto any time you like. Spend the day leisurely exploring the lush gardens and quirky cafes, or get a different view of the city from the top of the CN Tower.
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Day 2 Embarkation in Churchill

Embark on a morning charter flight to Churchill, a town on the western shore of Hudson Bay known for its polar bear population. Catch your first glimpses of these endangered snowy giants, and head to the port to board your polar expedition ship.
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Days 3-7 Islands of Hudson Bay

Get ready for a vibrant display of wildlife. Hudson Bay is the second largest bay in the world and the shallow waters are home to a rich array of marine creatures, including the mesmerising beluga whale. As you cruise around the islands, be on the constant lookout for caribou, polar bears, bearded and ringed seals and other Arctic inhabitants. Each day holds new chances for wildlife spotting – from witnessing tusked pinnipeds lazing on the shores of Walrus Island and the caribou reserve of Coats Island, to hiking among nesting colonies of black guillemots and Iceland gulls on the Digges Island cliffs. Visit Coral Harbour and meet the small settlement of Inuit people who live on the shores of Southampton Island. This area was home to one of the last Thule Inuit settlements in the Arctic. Delve into the sombre history of Marble Island, or ‘Deadman’s Island’, the site of many shipwrecks and failed expeditions.
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Day 8 Cape Dorset

Uncover the creative side of daily Inuit life in Cape Dorset, a small hamlet with a reputation as the ‘Capital of Inuit Art’. Be enthralled by the vast array of drawings, carvings, lithographs and sculptures produced here and get swept up in the humming artistic atmosphere.
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Day 9 Kimmirut

Continue to experience Inuit life in the tiny community of Kimmirut, home to fewer than 500 inhabitants. Spend some time with the locals and gain an understanding of their culture and customs. Many of the folk here are artists and are happy to show you their work. This southern part of Baffin Island also has an interesting mix of historical remnants to explore, including the site of an on old Hudson’s Bay Company trading post.
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Day 10 Akpatok Island

Enjoy the plethora of wildlife on display in Ungava bay, along the eastern edge of Baffin Island. Spend a day exploring Akpatok Island, where the world’s largest population of thick-bulled murre nest on towering limestone cliffs. Polar bears also hunt around here, so keep an eye out for spots of white roaming along the shore.
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Day 11 Monumental Island

Take a zodiac ride around Monumental Island in search of walruses. Despite its name, the rocky, frozen island is quite small, but the potential for close encounters with wildlife is spectacular. Cruise along the shorelines and be enraptured by lumbering walruses basking, waddling and calling out in a noisy chorus.
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Day 12 At Sea

As you continue along the Davis Strait, learn the story of John Davis, an English explorer who crossed this waterway many times in search of the Northwest Passage.
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Days 13-14 West Greenland

Explore the icy fjords, colourful communities and astounding glaciers of West Greenland, by land and by sea. First stop is Sisimiut, the second largest settlement in Greenland. Wander around the harbour and enjoy the old colonial buildings and charming fishing-community vibe. Then travel further north to the World Heritage-listed Ilulissat. Be amazed by the breathtaking presence of Sermeq Kujalleq, one of the fastest and most active glaciers in the world. Take an invigorating hike around the rocky coast and cruise the crystal waters by zodiac.
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Day 15 Disembarkation in Kangerlussuaq

Return to solid ground in Kangerlussuaq, where your flight to Denmark awaits.
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Day 16 Copenhagen

End the trip in Copenhagen, Denmark’s vibrant capital. If you have some time to spare, why not stay on to unwind in the buzzing bars and cafes, check out the cutting-edge architecture or indulge in some retail therapy in the Strøget shopping district.