Greenland to Churchill Itinerary

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Polar bear, Greenland

Colourful houses, Greenland

Penguins, Greenland

Day 1 Arrive Copenhagen

Enjoy an overnight stay in Copenhagen, a vibrant city of canals, cobbled squares and some of the world’s best architecture.

Day 2 Embarkation in Kangerlussuaq

In the morning, fly to Greenland, where you will be taken to the port to embark on your Arctic adventure. Board the ship, get to know your expedition team and settle into life at sea
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Days 3-4 West Greenland

As you approach West Greenland, spectacular fjords and rocky coastlines greet you. Pay a visit to Sisimiut, a large settlement with the feeling of a small fishing village. Wander around the harbor, check out the old, colourful buildings and perhaps get to know some of the Inuit and Danish locals. Then drop by the World Heritage-listed Ilulissat and be awed by the breathtaking Sermeq Kujalleq glacier, one of the fastest and most active glaciers in the world.
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Day 5 At Sea

The voyage continues westwards along the Davis Strait, a waterway separating Greenland and Baffin Island. Learn more about the Arctic from your expedition team or find a place on the deck to watch for cetaceans and seabirds.
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Day 6 Monumental Island

Stop by this small island with a big name for some close encounters with iconic Arctic wildlife. Monumental Island hosts a large population of walrus and polar bears, so there’s a good chance of catching these beautiful giants in action.
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Day 7 Akpatok Island

Still after more bear sightings? As the ship slices through Ungava Bay, make a landing at Akpatok Island, another favourite spot for polar bears. It’s also a haven for birds – the word ‘akpat’ is the Inuit name for the thick-billed murre that nest on the towering limestone cliffs around the island.
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Day 8 Kimmirut

On the shore of Baffin Island, witness firsthand what Inuit life is really like. The tiny settlement of Kimmirut is home to less than 500 Inuit, who follow a traditional lifestyle of subsistence harvesting and hunting. Spend some time getting to know the vibrant arts and crafts scene – many of the locals sustain themselves by selling impressive traditional artwork and jewellery.
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Day 9 Cape Dorset

This little hamlet is known as the ‘Capital of Inuit Art’ and it lives up to its name. Art is the primary source of income for this small settlement, and you’ll be amazed by the carvings, sculptures, drawings and lithographs that are produced here.
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Days 10-14 Islands of Hudson Bay

Bring the focus back to wildlife and explore the islands of Hudson Bay. A zodiac trip around Walrus Island may find you up close and personal with the lumbering giants the island is named for. On land, perhaps spy caribou and polar bears. Visit a small Inuit settlement at Coral Harbour or get active by hiking on the spectacular Marble Island.
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Day 15 Disembark in Churchill

Reach solid ground in Churchill, Manitoba, often called the ‘Polar Bear Capital of the World’. Spend one last day scouring the tundra and shores for these mighty Arctic giants, or take a zodiac in search of beluga whales. Then it’s time to part ways and fly to Toronto.

Day 16 Toronto

It’s time to farewell this icy wonderland and return to Toronto.