Greenland and Canada's High Arctic Itinerary

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Day 1 Arrival Day Copenhagen

Get a last taste of urban life in Copenhagen. Arrive early and wander the cobbled streets and canals, marveling at the avant-garde architecture and fashions of this unique city. Enjoy a night out before you fly to Greenland in the morning.

Day 2 Embarkation in Kangerlussuaq

An early flight takes you to the port at Kangerlussuaq. As you embark on your journey through the Arctic waters, settle into life at sea and soak up the knowledge of your expedition. team.

Days 3-7 West Greenland

Delve into the enchanting beauty of West Greenland. Explore massive fjords, wildflower-strewn landscapes and ancient archaeological sites. Hiking and zodiac trips give you a close-up experience with the frost-covered wilderness. Visit Sisimiut, a colourful fishing settlement and walk around the harbour. Stop by the World Heritage-listed Ilulissat and be blown away by Sermeq Kujalleq, one of the fastest and most active glaciers in the world. For a taste of real Arctic life, stop by the small Inuit villages that sustain themselves by fishing, whaling and sealing. Further north into the Upernavik Archipelago, look for whales and seals frolicking in the waters, and visit a local museum for a deeper insight into life in such bone-chilling conditions.

Day 8 Cobourg Island

The rugged coast of Cobourg Island brings enticing possibilities for wildlife-spotting. Watch for whales peeking out of the water, or hike around the craggy pockets of the island to scout for polar bears. Gaze up to the jagged cliff tops and you’ll likely witness colonies of birds such as northern fulmars, black-legged kittiwakes and thick-billed murres.

Days 9-11 Lancaster Sound

Continue the adventure in Lancaster Sound, the eastern gateway to the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. The Sound is a traditional Inuit hunting and fishing spot, so be on the constant lookout for wildlife. Observe huge colonies of seabirds on Prince Leopold Island and search for polar bears at Radstock Bay. If you’re lucky, you may even spy the long, spiraling tooth of the narwhal slicing through the waters. Delve into the history of the area on a tour of the archaeological sites of the Thule people, before visiting vibrant Inuit villages. A hike along the coast of Devon Island will reveal the remnants of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police post. At Beechey Island, the landing site of the Franklin Expedition, pay your respects at the graves of the three explorers who died during the first winter of the expedition in 1846.

Day 12 Disembarkation in Resolute

The Arctic expedition comes to a close as the ship pulls into Resolute, a small Inuit hamlet named after a historical Arctic explorer ship. Say goodbye to expedition team and fly to Toronto for a well-deserved night’s rest.

Day 13 Toronto

Spend the day as you please in Toronto. From lush gardens to quirky urban pockets, there are sights and activities to suite every taste. If you have some time up your sleeve, why not stay on and explore the nearby Niagara Falls.