Day 1 Ushuaia

Travel to Ushuaia and get ready for an icy adventure of a lifetime in this sleepy southern town.
ACCOM: Hotel - 1

Day 2 Embarkation

Board the ship that will be home for the next 20-odd days and set sail along the wildlife-rich Beagle Channel.
ACCOM: Cruise ship - 1

Day 3 At Sea

Take advantage of the wealth of knowledge that lives on the ship, be it in books in the cosy library or through the series of presentations given by the expedition team, while sailing on the open sea towards the Falkland Islands.
ACCOM: Cruise ship - 1

Days 4-5 Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)

Jump on a zodiac for the first time and explore the rugged islands of the Falklands. Spend some time at Port Stanley and meet the island’s cute penguins and unique bird species.
ACCOM: Cruise ship - 2

Days 6-7 At Sea

Relax onboard while crossing the Antarctic Convergence and enter Antarctica’s official waters on the journey to South Georgia.
ACCOM: Cruise ship - 2

Days 8-11 South Georgia

Be greeted by the noisy inhabitants of South Georgia on zodiac expeditions to the island. Witness masses of seals barking and penguins squawking, explore the remnants of old whaling stations and pay homage to the great Sir Ernest Shackleton.
ACCOM: Cruise ship - 4

Days 12-13 At Sea

Learn more about the fascinating world of the Antarctic from the expedition team while moving through icy waters to the Antarctic Peninsula.
ACCOM: Cruise ship - 2

Days 14-16 South Shetland Islands & Antarctic Peninsula

From glacier hikes and wildlife spotting to visiting research bases, spend time exploring the Antarctic Peninsula from a zodiac. All landings and activities are weather-dependent so each day is full of surprises.
ACCOM: Cruise ship - 3

Days 17-18 Antarctic Circle

Raise a glass to crossing the Antarctic Circle. Keep an eye out for Weddell seals and marvel at spectacular ice formations that leave most people breathless.
ACCOM: Cruise ship - 2

Days 19-20 Antarctic Peninsula

Take more zodiac rides to visit Antarctica’s astonishing wildlife and seascapes while journeying north towards the Drake Passage.
ACCOM: Cruise ship - 2

Days 21-22 Drake Passage

There’s the possibility of choppy seas on the cruise through the Drake Passage – famed for it’s rough ride and abundance of birdlife.
ACCOM: Cruise ship - 2

Day 23 Ushuaia

Arrive back in Ushuaia and finish this epic Antarctic trip with an onboard breakfast.