Day 1 Ushuaia

Kick off the adventure at the ‘end of the world’ in Ushuaia. Explore the steep streets and tangle of buildings that make up the capital of the Tierra del Fuego province. Hike up Avenue San Martin for fantastic vistas of the Beagle Channel.
ACCOM: Hotel - 1

Day 2 Embarkation

Set sail through the breathtaking Beagle Channel and be prepared to spot an array of interesting birdlife, such as cormorants and black-browed albatross.
ACCOM: Cruise ship - 1

Days 3-4 Drake Passage

Get set to cross the Drake Passage – infamous for its rough seas. Be entertained on board with lectures from experts covering topics as diverse as whales, birdlife, expeditions, geology and, of course, the icy land mass at the end of the earth.
ACCOM: Cruise ship - 2

Days 5-8 Antarctic Peninsula & South Shetland Islands

Have cameras in hand on the approach to Antarctica. Marvel at spectacular icebergs and whales breaching in the Southern Ocean before setting foot on the vast, white continent itself Visit a variety of landing sites - such as Neko Harbour, Orne Harbor and Paradise Bay - and be hypnotised by the surreal beauty of Antarctica.
ACCOM: Cruise ship - 4

Days 9-10 The Antarctic Circle

Cross the Antarctic Circle and perhaps celebrate reaching this rarely visited part of the world with a glass of bubbles. Keep an eye out for Weddell seals and fantastical ice formations that look like they’ve floated in from another world.
ACCOM: Cruise ship - 2

Days 11-12 Antarctic Peninsula

Travel back to the Drake Passage along the western Antarctic Peninsula. Head out on Zodiac expeditions to spy penguins, seals and whales and to make more landings on the great frozen continent.
ACCOM: Cruise ship - 2

Days 13-14 Drake Passage

Traverse the Drake Passage and pass the time by listening to the final series of lectures from our range of experts. Or perhaps curl up with a good book or reminisce about the journey with new friends over coffee.
ACCOM: Cruise ship - 2

Day 15 Ushuaia

Share a final breakfast with shipmates before disembarking in Ushuaia where this expedition comes to a close.