Expedition Algeria Itinerary

Set off from Algiers, Algeria’s fascinating capital, and discover the allure of this unsung jewel of northern Africa. Discover the ancient architecture of Tipaza, the Roman ruins of Constantine and the Berber culture of Ghardaia.

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Algerian cuisine

Algiers city in Algeria

Constantine city in Algeria

old ruins in Tipazza, Algeria

Day 1 Algiers

The gateway to Algeria, alluring Algiers is nestled between the magical Mediterranean and the awe-inspiring Atlas mountains. Take a tour through the labyrinthine alleys of the Kasbah, discover culinary delights at a traditional restaurant and be entranced by the archaeological wonders of Tipaza - a site of ancient Roman ruins complete with an amphitheatre and basilica.
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Days 2-3 Algiers/Tipaza

Stroll further back through history on a visit to Tipaza, a site of ancient Roman ruins complete with an amphitheatre and basilica.
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Day 4 Setif

Step back in time as you explore the ruins of Beni Hammad. Known as the first capital of the Hammadid emirs, this World Heritage site was founded more than 1000 years ago. Wander through the ancient fortified city, visit the remains of the impressive mosque and be dazzled by the view from its 30 m-high minaret. Carry on to Setif, where we’ll spend the night.
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Day 5 Constantine

See the exquisite mosaics at Setif’s Archaeological Museum before journeying out to delightful Djemila. Discover some of the world’s most beautiful Roman ruins, including the Market of Cosinius, the House of Bacchus and the Arch of Caracalla. Continue on to Constantine, the city in the sky.
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Day 6 Batna

Discover the ethereal beauty of Constantine as the sun rises. See sheer cliffs rise up from the Rhumel River and feel the rush of a cable car ride over the 175 m gorge. Unearth a vast collection of ancient Roman artefacts at the Cirta Museum and visit the Mellah Slimane Bridge before carrying on to Batna.
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Day 7 Biskra

Stop off at the timeworn Roman ruins of Timgad on the way to Biskra. Weave through stunning Atlas Mountain landscapes and isolated palm-lined villages to Balcon Rhoufi, where ancient Berber dwellings are hewn into the canyon escarpments.
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Days 8-9 Ghardaia

Travel to Ghardaia and watch as the green Atlas landscape changes to the dry, desolate plains of the Saharan fringe. A sprawling complex of narrow laneways and striking Berber architecture, the town's inhabitants belong to a very conservative Muslim sect; many of the women will be garbed in traditional burqas.
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Days 10-11 Timimoun

Navigate the attractive red mud-brick walls and residences of Timimoun, head for its local market to browse the goods on offer and take in a striking horizon of sand dunes ringed around a motionless salt lake.
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Days 12-13 Taghit

Meander about the small-town sights of Taghit, one of Algeria's most attractive towns. Perhaps make for the ancient rock carvings that adorn the escarpment just outside of town or ascend the sand dunes at dusk to catch a memorable sunset.
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Days 14-15 Algiers

Board a flight back to Algiers. As this is the final night, why not stake out a terrace restaurant and watch daylight dim on a city often referred to as 'Algiers the White'.
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