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munich beer germanyThere are so many brilliant spots to enjoy a lager or two, but here’s a couple of the best bars from our Intrepid team…

Skyline Bar in Riga, Latvia: It’s at the top of what’s probably the tallest hotel in the city and has an almost 360 degrees view. Best to go at night for a drink, but arrive early for a window seat. It is a trendy place and locals go there as well. The beer might not be as cheap as in the city’s cool little basement bars, but the view is awesome!

Tower Cafe in Dali, China: This cafe is tucked away on the 3rd floor of the town’s tower clock. If you are in need of a western food fix and great choice of beers it’s the place, but more impressive are the fantastic views of Cang Mountain and Erhai Lake thanks to the big windows and glass ceiling.

Shebeen in Melbourne, Australia: Imagine if you could make a difference simply by choosing where you meet your friends for a drink. Soon you will be able to in Melbourne, where an exciting new bar will open selling exotic beers and wines from the developing world. At Shebeen, profits from each drink sale will support a development project in that drink’s country of origin, so buying a Sri Lankan beer supports Sri Lankan development projects, buying a Peruvian beer makes a difference in Peru. The team of Shebeen volunteers are currently seeking philanthropic investors to get the bar to launch. Find out more at

* photo by Blair Diversi – Intrepid Photography Competition

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