Where has Barry been?

barry in monasteryIn June, Gayle Martin and her husband travelled on Intrepid’s Central Europe Encompassed trip and wondered if Barry had made this journey before…

“This photo was taken at a monastery while we holidayed in Montenegro. Now remember, this was a holy place where there were rules i.e. men and woman slept in separate rooms, 10pm curfew, lights out by 10.30pm followed by silence. In general, our tour group of 12 were expected to walk around calmly and quietly in this holy place!

At the monastery there were various holy pictures dotted around the walls. We noticed that religious people who were staying here would walk from picture to picture and pray beneath them. As Barry and I had one bag between us, I had to sneak into the ‘boys’ room to grab a few things from time to time. When I walked out of the ‘boys’ room I noticed this holy picture staring down at me from the wall. I thought, “this is a picture of Barry!”

I knew I wanted to take a photo of Barry with this picture in the background. Barry reluctantly agreed (that is why he looks a little frazzled). As I couldn’t keep this new-found discovery to myself, I told all the women in our group about the photo on the wall. One by one they casually walked up the long corridor towards the ‘boys’ room with cameras in hand. Yes, ok, you’re right – we were all behaving like naughty little girls. Very inappropriate behaviour in such a holy place!

At the end of the night, after the 10pm curfew and the 10.30pm ‘cone of silence’ rule had been enforced, all us ladies lowered our voices. There was one lady in our group that had a great sense of humour – she then came up with the suggestion of taking a photo of Barry, putting it up on the wall and seeing if any of these religious people would start praying beneath it. Well the ‘cone of silence’ rule went out the door after that comment. Out of the blue we then heard doors slamming and loud footsteps coming down the corridor. Like naughty little girls we all scurried back to bed giggling, but a little worried about what our penance might be. The footsteps quietened down and the doors stopped slamming. Of course nothing happen, but there was not much conversation after we all hopped into bed.

I lay there with my torch shining under the covers. Smiling to myself I began to imagine Barry’s photo on the wall and people worshiping his photo. I wondered if I swapped the photo on the wall with a picture of Barry if anyone would actually notice…”

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