What type of traveller are you? (European edition)


You have to picture Europe as one giant bowl of ratatouille: there’s a bit of everything in there, it’s delicious and surprising, but it can be tricky to know where to begin. Do you pack as many flavours into a two-week trip as possible, or spend 12 days carefully peeling back the layers of a single onion, er, country? It all comes back to time: how much of it you have and where you like to spend it.

We like to think travel is for everyone, no matter how fast or slow they choose to take it. And with that in mind, we’ve developed the (highly scientific) tool below to help you work out where you fit on the Travel Time Line. It works thus: read the below three profiles, decide which one most sounds like you, then check out the trips we reckon you’ll enjoy. Simples.

Traveller type 1: Country-hopping crusaders

These are the ‘big picture dreamers’, the ones who aren’t afraid to pack ten countries into ten days and come home with bite-sized stories from dozens of different places. The hardcore ones have an extensive knowledge of cross-continent minibars and train stations, and also look a little like an extra from Dawn of the Dead. But there’s no denying they cram a lot of living into a short space of time.  And luckily, we do have a number of European trips that will satisfy the Odysseus-like wanderer in any restless traveller.

Top trips:

Traveller type 2: Slow-and-steady savourers

On the other end of the spectrum are the plodders, the thinkers and the patient explorers. The ones who won’t rest until they have unwrapped a country from top to bottom, from the tiniest, most obscure hilltop restaurant to the forgotten waterfall not found in any guidebook. You’ll usually find them enjoying la dolce vita at a terrace café in Italy, or nose-deep in a huge map with a determined look on their face. We applaud that drive to uncover the real country, and we’ve got heaps of great trips to cater to the more thorough traveller’s tastes.

Top trips:

Traveller type 3: The inbetweeners

We’re not going to copyright this name (for obvious reasons) but it’s a good way to describe the middle crowd, the travellers who perhaps want to sample the best of a particular region, or understand how a country’s culture, language and food changes subtly from neighbour to neighbour. They don’t want to stray too far, but they don’t want to spend their whole trip eating carbonara either. Neither rushed nor too particular, they’re curious by nature and like to understand how a country works before moving on to the next one. Sound familiar? We’ve got just the thing…

Top trips:

Inspired to head to the Old Continent? Check out our range of incredible European itineraries now – you’re sure to find something that fits your travel style.

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If you like history and architecture: VISIT MOSCOW! It’s colourful, full of interest and reasonably easy to navigate. From Red Square, have a cocktail and a desert at the Coffee Club in the fabulous historic and beautiful shopping complex GUM; visit St Basil’s Cathedral and listen to the male quartet who sing there on the 2nd floor; walk to Zamoskvoreche and visit the Convent of Martha & Mary – very poignant; take a river boat cruise from opposite Hotel Ukraina (after you’ve had a G&T in this wonderfully decorated hotel) .
Favourite buildings: House of Friendship near Arbatskaya – a Moorish fantasy built by a man whose mother said to him: “before you built this house, only I knew you were mad – now the whole of Moscow knows” the Egg House – one man’s nod to Faberge, and finally the Style-Moderne Yaroslavskiy station at Komsomolskaya. Buy an Eyewitness Travel book on Moscow, a Russian-English dictionary and learn the Russian alphabet. Travel at any age – I do.,

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