Spain’s best kept secret: 5 reasons you need to see Galicia


Tucked away in the northwest corner of Spain, you’ll find an autonomous community with many well-hidden highlights and delicious secrets.

With stunning architecture, a fascinating history and a distinct cuisine, Galicia is one of Spain’s most authentic and beautiful areas.

Exploring the Old Town of Allariz is like stepping back in time and you can enjoy soaking up the historic atmosphere while you meet local food producers and savour regional dishes that are hard to find elsewhere in Spain. Then on the must-see-and-experience list are the traditional taverns in Santiago de Compostela and striking Santiago Cathedral.

Here are 5 great reasons why October is the perfect time to tuck into Galicia…

1. It is autumn (or fall)

This is that magic time of year when the forests of oak and chestnut are normally starting to turn colour and are spectacularly beautiful.

Galicia spain travel guide

2. The weather is excellent (usually)

Gone is the heat of August and September, but days are still warm with minimal rain – perfect outdoor wine-drinking weather!

Galicia spain travel guide

3. No crowds

The summer crowds that flock to Allariz disappear by October, so it’s back to being a very peaceful village, with locals who take the time to stop and chat.

Galicia spain travel guide

4. Seasonal dishes

It’s open season for local hunters, which means that wild boar, partridge and quail may be available in local restaurants and on farmhouse tables.

Galicia spain travel guide

5. Pick your own dinner

This is a call-out to all mushroom fanatics! If you travel on the Real Food Adventure Galicia in October you can expect to be out with a local mushroom expert hunting for boletus (or porcini as the Italians call them), russula and lepiotas or parasol mushrooms.

Photos © Stephen Fallows. Feature image c/o Alexander Schimmeck, Flickr 


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