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borneo baby orangutanImagine being able to tell your friends that you’ve climbed South East Asia’s highest mountain, watched turtle hatchlings making a dash for the ocean and seen orangutans having breakfast. We get the feeling that Intrepid Express reader Sigrid Everson still hasn’t stopped talking about her Borneo adventure…

“Did I expect to be able to climb Mt Kinabalu to watch the sun rise? Never. But then that’s typical of my unexpected highlights in Borneo. I chose Borneo for my next Intrepid trip because I loved the thought of seeing orangutans in the wild, staying in traditional villages and was prepared to give the mountain climb a go, but what I didn’t anticipate was just how much of a buzz I would get from exploring this fascinating land.

Spending time at the Sepilok Orangutan Reserve was just fabulous and I challenge anyone to come away not wanting to do everything possible to help save these amazing creatures. A real thrill was experiencing the true wild Borneo when we visited the community-run MESCOT project and spending the night bedded down in hammocks while the jungle came to life after dark. And one of the best things about the whole trip was getting to know the local people. I learned so much about village traditions and it was wonderful to be so warmly welcomed into local homes. What is it they say? The cost of your trip, $3000, the value of the journey, priceless!”

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* photo by David Lazar – Intrepid Photography Competition


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