a top trip: road to budapest

cesky krumlovReal life experiences are those ‘wow’ moments that happen when least expected. Much like Jim Stanton’s fortunate photo in the Czech Republic

“My wife and I enjoyed our Road to Budapest adventure in April/May very much indeed. One of the highlights was a two-day visit to the fairy tale town of Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic.

This quaint old medieval town is built on a bend in the Vitava River and its flag-stoned squares and narrow streets remain almost as they must have looked in the thirteenth century. When the princely lineage of the Schwarzenbergs inherited Krumlov in the 1700s, they undertook a restoration and enlargement of the castle on the hill overlooking the town.

This picture was taken across the river from the castle site, and in a serendipity moment, a hot air balloon sailed across in front of the Round Tower of the castle just as I snapped my shot. The photo seemed to capture the magical other-worldliness of this favourite moment on our Intrepid adventure.”

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Road to Budapest – 15 days

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I’m considering going to Budapest this year. I think it’s a good city that can offer me enjoyment and a source of relaxation. I’m also looking froward to mingle with the locals there. Anyways thanks for the post! I appreciate it!


I will be going to Road to Budapest in end of March/April soon! VERY EXCITED!


Me and my friend also visited Prague & Budapest this summer. Both cities are really interesting, I think a little bit similar, but in Prague almost all the sights in walking distance, but in Budapest we had to use the metro sometimes.
It was a guite cheap tour, we spared a lot because we stayed in hostels, in Prague in the old Prague Hostel, in Budapest in a centrally located one (I forgot the name), but we booked it on the internet: http://www.besthotelservice.hu.
I think is it wort to visit both cities.

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