How to survive your LA layover


Mall trawling Del Amo Fashion Center, seeing a movie premiere at the Chinese Theatre or donning your Disneyland mouse ears, where to start on your Los Angeles stopover? From celebrity mayhem to narcissistic musclemen, Carol Wilson had a fun day in the City of Angels…

“I had heard mixed reviews about Los Angeles, but on my recent Intrepid trip I was surprised at how much there was to see and do. On our tour through LA we saw Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive and stopped for a short time in Hollywood. Normally just a boulevard with tourists, pricey shops and stars in the pavement, we had an extra special experience. Talk about right time, right place, just as we arrived Hugh Jackman was making his mark in the concrete, so we all managed to sneak a peak of him and watch the crowd go crazy with celebrity fever. What a highlight!

After our stargazing we drove to Venice Beach. Our group decided to hire bicycles and roller blades to fit in with the locals and ride to Santa Monica along the beachside promenade. Passing muscle men doing benchpresses, talented locals playing basketball and colourful exhibitionists in wonderfully unfashionable attire, we arrived at Santa Monica for an ice-cream on the pier. How I imagined California beaches was white sand, colourful umbrellas, blue sky and a tanned life guard watching over everyone on the beach – Baywatch style. And that is exactly how it looked!

Riding the promenade was a great way to see the sights and characters of these Los Angeles beaches, but our day in LA wasn’t over yet. While in Hollywood we’d spotted people carrying clipboards and discovered that they needed a studio audience for that night. What a perfect way to complete the LA experience, so we got to watch a pilot being made for a new sitcom and if only I could remember the name I’d tell you to keep a look out on TV, because it was fantastic fun!”

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