Preventing a Great Barrier Reef disaster

Intrepid provides travellers with the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit Australia's iconic Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. The reef is one of the most inspiring places on earth, which makes it even harder to believe that a place as beautiful and precious as the Great Barrier Reef is currently under threat due to the ever-expanding coal export industry.
Current plans to build a series of coal mega mines running the length of the Great Barrier Reef not only spell disaster for this fragile ecosystem, but also for the global climate as a whole.
The dredging of millions of tonnes of sand to allow ship access to new ports will destroy vital habitat of endangered loggerhead and olive ridley turtles and the rare snubfin dolphin. Roughly one ship will pass through the reef every hour of the day, every day of the year, radically increasing the threat of pollution, spills and groundings.
Intrepid's friends at Greenpeace are working to ensure that this amazing destination is protected, so that we can guarantee its survival for generations to come and continue to give over 1.6 million annual visitors, like yourselves, the opportunity to experience this unique natural wonder.
Challenging this reckless coal expansion will be one of the most significant environmental issues ever faced by Greenpeace Australia Pacific. Right now their climate campaign team is working tirelessly to protect the precious Great Barrier Reef and promote a clean energy future for our next generation. Greenpeace is only capable of carrying out this vital work with the support of terrific donors like Intrepid travellers and The Intrepid Foundation.
To find out more about the important work of Greenpeace and how you can help, please visit