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Intrepid Travel wins prestigious green travel award

Steven Larkin, president/North America for worldwide adventure travel company Intrepid Travel, is delighted to announce that the company has won the highest award in Canada for responsible travel: the Responsible Travel & Tourism Forum’s Annual Leadership Award. 
The award spotlights an organization that embraces sustainability in a host of areas under the umbrellas of environment and social and community. Criteria include, for example, contribution to habitat preservation, commitment to minimizing environmental impact and supporting and contributing to the communities that Intrepid travellers visit.
Intrepid offers around 1000 itineraries to over 100 countries and every continent around the world from Albania to Zambia. The company specializes in small groups, with an average maximum of 12 passengers, often using local transportation and using the services of locally-owned inns and restaurants.
“With so many people becoming conscious of their impact on the environment, we think we’re meeting the needs of a new style of traveller,” says Larkin. “For example, we prefer to hire locally wherever we can, to encourage our clients to buy locally-made crafts as souvenirs, and to pick up a few words of the local language.” The company offers free language lessons to anyone on its website (
Reached in Australia, Intrepid co-founder Darrell Wade expressed his pleasure at the Intrepid award. “We’re delighted to be recognized in Canada just two years after opening our first office there . Just like us, Canadian travellers want to travel lightly, respecting the environment and cultures of the places they visit.”
Intrepid Travel also operates a foundation which supports some 40 projects around the world, aiding children, women, animals and the environment. The company pays all administrative costs and doubles all contributions, and has raised over $2 million Cdn since its founding.
Commenting on their choice of Intrepid for the fourth annual Leadership award, judge Kari Grist commented that “Intrepid Travel is very impressive and definitely leaders in my mind.” Chris Robinson added, “Intrepid is simply in a different league – they demonstrate admirably what is achievable by a travel organization that has social and environmental responsibility as a core value.”
“This is indeed a big thrill for us,” says Larkin. “But I think it’s important to stress that responsible travel can be fun. We go to great lengths to ensure our tours are sustainable, but to equally great lengths to make sure everyone has a great time and creates lifelong memories.”
Media enquiries: Katy Rockett at Intrepid Travel: 416-583-2674
Monday, October 18, 2010

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Intrepid Travel is one of the world's leading small group adventure tour operators. It offers authentic and fun experiences that give travellers the chance to get under the skin of the places they visit, with more than 1,000 itineraries to more than 100 countries worldwide. Intrepid Travel trips are designed to go off the beaten track, meet the locals and travel in an unconventional way, joining locals on their transport, in their markets and even in their homes.
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